What to Wear for Your Engagement Session – 9 Tips

Okay SO, the number 1 most common question / concern I receive about engagement / couples sessions is “ummmm what do we wear, I am so lost, please helppp”. HELP IS ON THE WAY DEAR (lol you cannot read that without hearing Mrs. Doubtfire).

At this point I have seen a lot of outfit combos, and some just simply work better than others. The main idea is that you two are the stars of the show and we want what you’re wearing to highlight that rather than distract our eyes away from you!

I have created this resource to give you a bunch of helpful tips and examples to consider when planning your outfits, so give it a read through to stir up some inspiration for your upcoming session with your love!

Disclaimer: These are just some basic concepts to give you a starting point if you’re stuck, I am in no way a fashion guru, I almost solely wear thrifted knit sweaters from the mens section + mom jeans HAHA)

Let’s get into it!!

Neutrals & earthy tones – If you’re having your photos taken at an outdoor location, neutrals & earth tones will be your best friend. Think greens, blues, creams, browns, rusts. They’re flattering, timeless and easy to pair together!

loveee this combo, the burnt orange was so perfect with the late autumn sunset

Complement rather than match – Sometimes couples think it’s a safe bet to wear matching outfits – both in blue jeans and white shirts. The problem with that, is there will be no contrast between you two and you’ll blend together in the photos. So try to choose outfits that compliment each other rather than match! This could be a combination of neutrals and earth tones OR a common combination is for one person to wear a subtle pattern and the other person wear a solid colour from that pattern. This adds an extra element of interest to the photos while still looking intentional.

The delicate floral pattern + solid navy from that pattern worked so well together

Avoid distracting patterns & logos – I adore patterns, but choose carefully! Typically I would suggest something small and subtle. Big patterns can draw the eye away from the main focus of the photos (you!!). The same goes for logos – avoid them at all costs. They are very distracting and date for images, which we definitely don’t want.

These photos were taken for the clothing brand so it was very much ok haha! But you can see how your eye immediately goes to what they’re wearing, so if that’s not what your goal is, plain / subtle is the way to go!

Consider the environment – When choosing the colour palette of your outfits, consider the colours of the environment you’ll be shooting in. Is it a lush green forest, field of wildflowers, blue skies and water, or fresh fallen snow? This will make a huge difference in how your outfit photographs and how the final images look.

Ahhhhhhh these outfits could not be more suited to this beautiful golden hour evening at New River Beach

Dress for the weather – It’s important to consider the colour of the environment but also the temperature! It doesn’t matter how cute the outfit is, if you’re too hot or too cold you won’t enjoy yourself and the photos will reflect that. In the winter, I understand not wanting to wear a knee length parka, so I suggest lots of layers, vests are good alternatives, and hats, mitties & scarves are fun and will keep you toasty! In the warmer months, try to choose fabrics and styles that are light & airy.

This day was super duper chilly but the couple wore lots of layers and lighter jackets so they were still able to comfortably move around and snuggle up.

Think about flow – Wearing something with flow and movement can add such a lively element to your photos. Dresses that sway in the wind, long skirts you can hold as you walk, even wide legged pants and puffy sleeves can spice up your outfit choice!

There were so many fun ways we got to incorporate this flowy dress into the photos

Comfort – We’ll be doing lots of moving around so comfy is a top priority here! Heels are great but will your feet be sore by the end of the hour? Will you be constantly adjusting a short, tight dress? Will you be worried about a strapless top slipping? Will your jeans be too tight for sitting photos? All things to consider because the more comfortable you feel, the better you will look.

These two were comfy enough that we got to hike into this beautiful location together!

Bring options – If you’d like, bring a few options or accessories to add in! This way we can play around with different combinations and it will give you more variety in your gallery. Honestly having a second option in the car is always a great idea, we wouldn’t want to have to reschedule because the pre session coffee got spilled on the drive.

The hat & skirt made an appearance mid session and it added lots of extra variety to the final gallery!

Be yourself – Above all else, stay true to you when choosing your outfits. Even if that means scraping all of the points above! My goal is to tell your story and capture your unique personality so it would be completely inauthentic for you to show up wearing something that you would never wear otherwise.

These outfits matched their bubbly personalities so perfectly!!

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