10 Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

So you’re engaged!! Here are 10 tips to help you navigate this wild (in a good way) time and plan the perfect day to celebrate your love!

Tip #1 Make deciding a rough guest count a top priority!

Nothing has to be set in stone right away but it’s important to estimate your guest count so that you can accurately choose a venue and plan your budget. If you choose your venue first and the max amount of seating that can fit is 50, well your guest count was just determined for you.

  • Sit down and decide if you want to have a big wedding or an intimate wedding (or elope!!!!).
  • Write down who you want to invite from each side.
  • Choose a venue that accommodates that number with a little wiggle room (just in case you and your cousin patch things up by then and you change your mind about not inviting her lol)

Tip #2 “What vendors should I book first??”

Planning a wedding can be a very complicated and overwhelming process, mainly because there are so many moving pieces. This is one of the most common questions I get about planning and this is always my answer👇🏻

  • If you’re choosing to hire a wedding planner, do this immediately!! A big part of their job is alleviating stress and pressure off of you so the sooner you book them the more worthwhile the investment is.
  • The venue! Next up, you need a location. A lot of vendors won’t allow you to officially book until the venue is set because they need to know where they will be going. There are a limited amount of wedding venues in NB and the popular ones can book pretty far in advance so this is a big one to figure out as soon as you can!
  • The photographer, duh💁🏼‍♀️ You want to hire a photographer who’s work you love AND who’s personality you love (because you’re about to spend a whole lotta time together on your wedding day), so even if it seems like there are many photographers out there to choose from, there may only be a handful that are the right fit for you & your day! (And with the current state of the wedding industry we are booking up much faster and farther ahead than usual)

Tip #3 How to find all of your wedding vendors!

This can be a daunting task if you’re starting from scratch, so to make your job as easy as possible .. ask your current vendors for other vendor recommendations!

Getting referrals from the vendors you already know and trust is a great place to start. Most have a list ready to go and are happy to share it with you because they know who is the best in the biz and who they’ve enjoyed working with in the past!

Tip #4 Don’t skip engagement photos!

For me, engagement sessions are an incredible opportunity.

The first reason being that the engagement stage of your relationship is so special but also so short lived, take every opportunity to celebrate this milestone and do your 65 year old selves a favour and document it.

Secondly, the engagement session is like a practice run with your photographer! Spending this hour together with them beforehand is so important to ensure your mind is at ease and you’re much more relaxed in front of the camera when the big day rolls around. They’ll show up at your wedding feeling like an old friend and that comfort you feel will shine through in your photos!

Tip #5 How to find the perfect wedding photography for YOU.

In my (totally unbiased😜) opinion, choosing a photographer is one of the biggest decisions for your wedding day – you’re going to relive your day for yearsss through their work!

When couples start the search for their photographer, the main criteria is usually 1. budget and 2. style, but the third and arguably most important factor is finding someone you trust, like + feel comfortable with.

I’ve said it once (or 100 times) and I’ll say it again, the real magic, THE ART, stems from the relationship you have with your photographer.

I’m not the right photographer for everyone, and that’s an amazing thing because it means that I’m the perfect photographer for someone and I get to give them the best experience possible!

So when choosing your photographer, take your time and be thorough with the process. Read their about page, scroll through their social media, hop on a call and see what the vibes are like! You want someone who will feel like a best friend on your big day!

Tip #6 If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony (we love to hear it), have a solid plan in place for rain and save yourself a ton of stress.

This could be renting a tent, having an alternate indoor location, accepting the rain and holding umbrellas, there are lots of options (but ignoring the forecast and hoping for the best isn’t one)!

Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but the downside is that the weather is out of our control. So save yourself the stress and potential nightmares and make your rain plan right off the hop☔️

Tip #7 Slow down, enjoy this stage.

In the grand scheme of your relationship / marriage, the engagement season is so short and sweet. It can easily be filled to the brim with planning and stress so don’t forget to take time out of your busy lives and step back from the wedding planning to just appreciate ✨now✨

Tip #8 Don’t wait on having the budget talk.

Financial conversations can be difficult and it may feel tempting to just dive into planning, but, deciding your wedding budget will directly impact every wedding decision you make!

Guest count, venue, wedding party size, florals, dress, (the list goes on and on) – nothing can be decided without having a firm budget in place.

So have the $$$ chat asap and don’t forget to involve anyone who is financially contributing to your big day!

Tip #9 When should you ask your friends / family to be in your wedding party???

For the best chance of having everyone able to participate, and also having everything leading up to the wedding run smoothly, asking 8-12 months before your wedding date is ideal!

This gives people lots of time to confirm (your peeps may live out of province / country and it’s a big commitment to secure the travel and time off), choose and order dresses & suits, plan your parties🥂, and all the other fun stuff that happens pre wedding!

Tip #10 Consider having your wedding officiated by a friend or family member!

Your wedding officiant is going to say some pretty impactful words and their job on that day is a big one, they are marrying you! So it can really add another layer of comfort and emotion when this person is someone you know well and have a connection with.

I find this especially true with elopements and intimate weddings. When you have 10 of your closest loved ones witnessing you say I do, it just feels fitting that the officiant also be a person you hold close to your heart.

(But maybe choose someone who you know can hold it together because the show can’t really go on if they can’t stop crying lol)

I think everyone has someone in their life that would make a perfect officiant – personally I could not be because I have a voice like a mouse, make jokes when I’m nervous, and cry at quite literally everything🤪

This intimate wedding was officiated by a family friend and the fact that she knew the couple so well could really be felt throughout the ceremony and made it absolutely perfect. I highly recommend considering it for your day too🤍

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