A day dedicated to the love you share with your soul mate, and the people who adore you:

What could be more special than celebrating your love story with all the people who played a role in that story? It's one of the most beautiful "full-circle" moments life has to offer us, and I'm always so grateful that my job allows me to capture the beauty, honesty and joy that a wedding day has to offer. 
Whether you dream of getting married in a church, your family's backyard, the beach or a perfectly-selected wedding venue - my goal is to document your day in a way that will allow you to relive the magic, tears, laughter, and love that you experienced at your wedding. After the flowers have wilted, the venue has been cleaned up, and the cake leftovers have been enjoyed - besides the life-long love you share with your partner, photographs are the one tangible memento of your wedding that can be enjoyed decade after decade. Let's make sure the photos that future-you will reminisce over are absolutely stunning.


Eloping with the love of your life might just be the most romantic thing two people can do:

More people are choosing to plan intimate weddings with an extra small guest list than ever before - making elopements a popular choice of couples deciding to get married. Eloping can open a lot of doors for what your wedding day looks like - allowing you to ditch the traditions and opt for a wedding timeline that allows for more spontaneity, more intimacy, and more adventure! Couples who elope are given the gift of focusing on each other, without worrying about their guests on their wedding day - and it's the perfect option for partners who don't want the fuss of a big wedding party. 
Contrary to popular belief, an elopement doesn't mean you have to leave your dearest loved ones at home. Many couples choose to invite parents, close family and/or very best friends to their elopement ceremony, ensuring the most important people have a front row seat to the start of the rest of your lives.


A couple session is an incredible way to capture an important milestone in your relationship:

That important milestone could be a birthday, an anniversary, celebrating moving in together, the end to long-distance, or something that's just special between the two of you. There doesn't really need to be a specific reason to book a couple's session with me - I'm a true believer that couples shouldn't wait until their engagement or wedding to have their relationship documented! A couples session with me is a time to celebrate the love between you and your partner, in a way that makes the most sense for you. Let's pack a picnic and snuggle in a flower field while watching the sunset, hike to a waterfall and cliff jump off the rocks, or head to the beach where you went when you first started dating. Couple sessions are the perfect chance to capture a romantic adventure together, could there BE a sweeter way to spend date night?


add-ons you'll cherish for years to come

I fell in love the beauty and nostalgia of 35 mm film during the pandemic. During a time where everything was changing, I loved turning to a medium that has been loved for a decades - and used it to document my life and my loved ones.

Many rolls of film later, I now include film photography in all of my wedding / elopement packages and additional roles are available as an add-on option (for the film lovers like me hehe). There is something about using digital and film to tell stories that will be retold at dinner tables, and in photo albums for years to come. I love that film photos are rarely retouched, capturing moments, emotions, and places exactly as they were - and offering a little splash of nostalgia to a digital gallery. 

35 mm film 

Custom Prints

There is a time and a place for iPhone photos - but your professional photographs were meant to live in photobooks, be proudly displayed on the walls - and be thumbed through until the edges are worn.

I offer high-end custom printing options for all of my clients. It’s important to me that your images are enjoyed - and I believe the best way to experience your photographs is through something you can hold and interact with.

Depending on your needs and style preferences, you can order prints, custom heirloom albums, or wall art ready to be hung.


Polaroids were actually my introduction to photography. My dear mother bravely gifted me a classic Polaroid camera at the clumsy age of 7 and it's what started and nurtured my love for photography for many years. 

Bringing this form of art back into my life and then later into my business has been the most wonderful decision. I'm filled with a childlike joy each time I pull out my camera and whats even better is that that same feeling is mirrored when clients first hold these keepsakes in their hands. 

It's just so beautiful to document something as special as your wedding day on something as timeless as Polaroids.  A sentimental treasure that will undoubtably be adored my many generations to come.

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