Should You Order a Wedding Album?

Short answer: Yes
Long answer:

Why you should absolutely order a wedding album

While an online gallery is a wonderful modern tool, I don’t want your wedding day to end there. It is simply too special of a day for too many people to let that happen. Your love and legacy deserves to live on far past this point. I want your great great grandchildren to hold your wedding album and be able to feel the joy of that day as if they had been there themselves. I want those future generations to see the love that brought them there. I want this keepsake to be what you pull out and look through together on your 40th anniversary, because while you may change, this will not. They are created to last many lifetimes and that is so powerful.

“AHHHHH WHAT!?!? This album is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I am speechless. We’ve had it on our coffee table and have been flipping through almost every night and guests just love being able to look through our wedding photos while they’re here. I’m sooo happy!”

Why you should order your wedding album through your photographer

Honestly, I’m so passionate about printing your photos because it was the indescribable sentimental feeling of holding old photographs that guided me in the direction of becoming a photographer. To me, taking and editing your photos is only half the job and my work isn’t truly complete until you’ve had the full experience of holding those priceless moments in your hands.

Other than the precious memories (which unfortunately fade all too quickly), these printed keepsakes are the only thing that will live on from your best day ever. So let’s do it right. 

I believe that the second best part of hiring a professional photographer is having access to a professional print lab through them. These are privately owned labs that produce the best quality heirloom print products out there and they only sell directly to photographers / businesses. So take advantage of that opportunity!

It breaks my heart to see couples spend thousands of dollars on their wedding photographer and then end up with Walmart quality prints as their final product. If this album is going to be the only thing that lives on from your day that you poured your heart and soul into, I think it should be invested in and prioritized as such. 

“Wow. Ordering this was 110% worth it. I had no idea this quality even EXISTED.”

“Okay Hannah this album is so beautiful, I feel like I’m literally back at my wedding when I open it up. THANK YOU for having these for your clients you’re the best!!!!!!!”

How to order your wedding album

After your wedding day, I’ll be delivering your full gallery in an online format. From there you will have access to a super simple album design software that I adore with all my heart. It’s so fun and easy!! 

From there, we can do things a few different ways! I’ve had clients who couldn’t wait to get in there and design the full thing themselves. Others prefer that I do a first draft in a way that tells the story of the day and then they revise and swap certain photos, change the cover color, etc. And sometimes couples are like “Hannah we trust you with our lives could you please do this for us” AND I’M MORE THAN HAPPY TO. The end result will be so incredible no matter what, I just want to be flexible with how we get there to give everyone the best experience possible!

And here’s a little spoiler: after your full gallery delivery, you’ll get a discount code for everything in the print shop!! You’ll still be in pure honeymoon bliss so what better time to order your heirloom wedding album hehe

“The wedding album is everything I imagined – I’m so glad we chose to have that printed so we can easily look through our day over and over. Thank you for how easy and seamless you made the process, I don’t know what we would do without you!”

If you want to learn a little bit more about the process of working with me, head on over here

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