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Through digital, film, and Polaroid photos, I document quirky romantics & sentimental souls that want to preserve their story in a way that feels uniquely them so that someday they can reminisce back on life’s sweetest moments rather than just posed smiles. 

Based in the Fredericton, New Brunswick
Often found capturing love stories throughout the Maritimes

life is the flower, for which love is the honey.



When you know...

It's how you feel about the love of your life, lazy Sunday morning cuddles, puppy kisses, and falling asleep after a day spent adventuring outside. The little moments in life that take your breath away, the ones you were never taught to enjoy - you just do. The moments you want to live in forever. 

Blissfully in love &

Hello friend, I'm Hannah.

I'm a hopeless romantic with a calming presence and a love for the little things in life. Each day passes by so quickly which is why I'm passionate about thoughtfully documenting moments - so you can look back and enjoy the little things too.

real moments,
captured forever.







interested in the process behind the magic?

the work that fills my soul ..

I love photos. I love people,  and I love taking photos of people in love.

When it comes to couple portraits, I don't just hit you with a list of poses. I want to capture the two of you sharing a moment and what that looks like is unique to every couple. If you're more of the reserved type, you can walk together hand in hand whispering about your favourite part of the day. Or, if you want to jump into each others arms for a make-out sesh, we can absolutely do that too!! YOUR day is all about YOU and I'll do anything to ensure you're enjoying it while getting the photos you've dreamed of. 

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here's what you need to know about working with me:

based in new brunswick.
available for travel within atlantic canada.

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