Finding My Home

Over the past 5 years, life has felt very uncertain/temporary/stressful.

I went from Doaktown to PEI to Doaktown to Ontario to Doaktown to Ontario to Doaktown to Ontario to Doaktown to Fredericton to Kingsclear and now I’m settled in our home on Lillian Lane.

During those 5 years I never put up a single photo or decoration in any of those temporary homes, I honestly didn’t even fully unpack. I always just said what’s the point? I’ll be moving again in 8 months, 6 months, 3 months, etc. So, I would live there half unpacked, counting down the short months until my next moving date, stressed about where I’d be living next, and never able to make any plans that stretched beyond that timeframe.

I didn’t realize what a toll that took until I felt the peace of living in a long-term place again. I love this house. I feel safe and happy here. I miss it when I’m gone all day. I have so much energy to think and be creative. I feel like I’m finally home.

With Drew being in the military I know this won’t be our forever home but there is comfort in knowing I’ll have years in this house and that there is no set end date. This stability has allowed me to feel like I can make long-term business plans, which is something that didn’t seem possible before. It’s made me feel like I can dream bigger than I ever have. And it’s made me feel like I can accomplish so much more in this life than I ever thought.

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