Choosing the Best Getting Ready Location For Your Wedding Day

SO, you’re trying to decide on a getting-ready location. On average, at least 2 whole hours are spent on your getting ready photos (vs. the 15 minutes you spend at your ceremony location) so the location is key to making them everything you’re dreaming of!! There are a lot of little details that can make your location perfect that you just wouldn’t think of if you’re not a photographer, that’s why I’m here to help!

Here are 4 tips to help you choose the best getting-ready location for your big day!

1. Natural light! LOTS AND LOTS OF IT. The more the merrier. You want to look for spaces with big open windows that will let all that beautiful soft light pour in. And you as the bride *the star of the show* should be the one getting ready closest to the windows!!

2. Consider the interior of the room. White/light colours best reflect natural light. You’ve also put a lot of thought and work into choosing the theme and colours for the wedding, so make sure your space complements rather than clashes with that!

3. Take a look at what’s outside your getting-ready space. A lovely, shaded area for bride/bridesmaid photos or a first look is a huge plus. It’s easy and convenient and saves the time of everyone traveling to another photo location before the ceremony.

4. People vs. square ft. You may go visit your getting ready location and feel like there is lots of room, but make sure you’re imagining it with your whole gang there getting ready. You, your wedding party, your mom, your grandmother, flower girls, an aunt, etc., and then your photographer, videographer, makeup artist, and hairstylist. A room fills up pretty quickly so if you’re unsure, go a little bigger!

If you only take away one of these, make it the importance of natural light. Your portraits (and photographer) will thank you!!!

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