Self Portraits Are Not Vain

I just want to let you know, self-portraits are not vain. Not at all, not even a little bit.

One thing I love about having this job is that it pushes me to have my photo taken more often. There was a time when I thought it had to be my birthday or a special occasion for it to be justifiable to get a picture of just me. This couldn’t be less true.

There will come a day when I want to look back at 22 year old Hannah, no makeup, no special occasion, just her as she is at 22, blissfully in love with life.

I won’t care to see a filtered selfie on a screen that took hours to prepare for, I’ll want a photograph in my hands that floods me with memories of that day and my world at that age. I’ll want to look at it and be taken back. Taken back to my beliefs, my hopes and dreams, and that simple day.  

Years from now when your grandchildren want to see a photo of you at the age you are now, will you have any to show them? Will you have a photo that shows your joy and all that makes you, you? I challenge you to start taking real, authentic photos of yourself, even if it’s just once a year. It doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact, the more imperfect the better. Then (and this is key), print it, tuck it away in a box somewhere, and someday you (and everyone who loves you) will be so happy you did.

You, just as you are, deserve to be captured & remembered and there is certainly nothing vain about that.

xo – Hannah

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