My First Wedding | Oceanstone Resort, Nova Scotia

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I’ve always been such a sentimental person. In elementary school I started making memory boxes, which included random items from random days that I decided were significant enough to keep forever. This included things like my favourite Pokémon card, a deflated balloon from my first school dance, the popsicle stick they used as a splint when I broke my pinky, the script from our grade 5 Shakespeare play, and letters my friends wrote me when I spent a whole summer grounded.⁣

I’ve saved every test, every birthday card, every movie ticket. ⁣

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And I’ve saved a special spot in my sentimental heart (and memory box) for this wedding, my first wedding as a photographer. No matter how many weddings pass throughout my career, I know I’ll always come back to this one.

This wedding day had the craziest weather I’ve ever seen. Leading up to the ceremony was strong wind and rain, and the decision was made to move it all indoors, but 10 minutes before the scheduled start time the skies cleared and the wind calmed and we were able to have the outdoor ceremony the bride and groom were hoping for.

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The ceremony lasted less than 20 minutes and then everyone made their way to the reception room. I swear, just as the last person walked in the door it started to absolutely downpour.

We marvelled at the luck and watched as the rain fell in buckets outside the windows during the reception. Originally we planned to go back out again for sunset photos but as magic hour neared we accepted our fate and would settle for some indoor photos of the couple.

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BUT THEN: 5 minutes before we had planned for sunset photos, the skies opened up and the sun came out to create the most intensely colourful sunset I’ve ever seen (and I see a lot of sunsets).

It was a true dream and such a wild ride for my first wedding! 

xo – Hannah

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