Should you Follow the Wedding Trends?

Ok wedding trends are great but ….
I think prioritizing personalization and individuality is even better!

Bride wearing pearl cowboy boots with wedding dress
How cute are these!!! No one said strappy heels are mandatory

There is so much about each of you and your relationship that is totally unique and I think it’s amazing when couples lean into that when planning their wedding day rather than just heading straight to Pinterest to choose every detail.

The thing is, all trends come and go. That’s why they’re called trends. But if your wedding day is a living embodiment of all that you cherish about this love you share – it will be timeless✨

Here are 3 tips to help you make your day more YOU

  1. After you’re engaged, take some time together to just think and imagine and dream before you start searching for external inspiration. The best ideas often come from starting with a completely blank slate, rather than trying to think of something original after looking through hundreds of wedding photos.
  2. What makes you two special? If someone asked you to list 5 fun facts or interesting tidbits about your relationship, what would you say? I can guarantee these answers can be incorporated into your day and will make it feel a whole lot more like you.

    Do you two rollerblade? You could rollerblade into the reception together hand in hand.

    Is your dog your LIFE? Have him as a part of the ceremony or make a guest appearance during the day, or have his face on napkins, cupcakes, etc., or name the signature drink after him. 

    Was your first date a movie date? Have a popcorn machine at the reception and a reference to that first movie you saw together. 

    If it feels hard to think of the quirky things about your relationship, ask a close friend or family member!
  3. Think about this – what would you plan for your wedding if it was only the two of you there? If there were no other people to impress, social media photos on the line, external opinions about what you should do. Would you skip the 5 star meal because you’d actually much prefer your favorite pizza? Would you get that dress you really wanted but were worried about what your in-laws would think? Would you cut back on your floral budget and go on an extra long honeymoon instead? Would you write your own vows truly from the heart and have no fears about your mascara running while you read them? 

    Now, this is just a little encouragement that you can do those things no matter who you invite. It’s your wedding day and no one else’s. Anyone outside of the two of you is privileged to be there and should support you doing your day the way that makes you happiest.
Bride and groom In Fundy New Brunswick sharing cinnamon rolls
Elopement in Fundy, New Brunswick

If a trend feels true to you, go for it!

After all this, I don’t want you to feel like you have to speed walk away from every trend in sight. I’ve seen couples follow wedding trends that couldn’t have been more perfectly suited for them. For me, I LOVE pearls, so the wedding pearl trend is just my favorite thing ever. Pearl dresses, veils, gloves, shoes, cakes, I’ve seen it (and love it) all!

What it comes down to is: stay true to you, whatever that looks like. You’re planning the best day ever for you, not Pinterest.

Kids at the Algonquin Resort blowing bubbles after wedding ceremony
Venue: the beautiful Algonquin Resort

For more photos of couples doing their day in a way that feels perfectly them, head to my portfolio

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